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Forever Always

Zapp & Roger

[verse 1]
Oh Baby Baby Let's Talk It Out
Cause You're So Special and Mean So Much to Me
Oh Baby Boy There've Been Times You Dogged Me Out
I Should Have Left You But Stayed Right By You Side
I Chose to Love You Only
But You Wont Let Me You Pushed My Love Away
Don't Be So Selfish With Your Love

Forever and Always
I'm Gonna Love You Until My Dying Day
Forever and Always
Our Love's So Special I'll Never Fade Away

The Other Day You Saw Me Out
You Had no Reason to Trip Or Have a Doubt
Oh Baby Boy He's Nothing But a Friend of Mine
You Don't Have to Be Afriad
If I Ever Lose You I'll Throw My Heart Away
I Chose to Love You Only But You're So Jeaous
Dont Be So Selfish With Your Love

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