The Invisible Sights of a NewPlace

The Raves

I should have forgotten .... The things that I can't hold on
The Fool on the hill is happy, cause he lives with the eyes closed
The trees are so pretty, but I gotta keep my eyes on the road
All of this war , will start with the shoot of my gun
If nothing is real, why do we get so hurt ?

The day changes into the night, like the days we all change with the time
Open your eyes and fall from grace the Invisible sights of a new place

The kid inside me, will never leave my mind
He keeps me away, of getting insane with my life
The Broked Hearts are crying, thinking on their lovely ones
I just don't care, but one day I'll be another one
They'll never stop me, cause my pride will hurt them first

It's always good when I see her face on her arms I feel totally safe
Although now I can't complain, The Invisible Sights of a New Place
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