Bad Seed

Jenny Dalton

Routier pauvre et chantant
"Are you ready to go?
Just keep yourself strong," I said
To the grotto and stone
the gardens and the thorns of a monastery
And the minute she arrived,
they knew they'd have to bury a bad seed

But she's here, and she tries
But she's here, don't go. Let go.
Don't let go, she could be anywhere
Like a clouded sky, she's almost everywhere
You can't the holy out of the water
And she knew right then she could be anywhere
and here.

Routier pauvre et chantant
And there she concedes
in the gardens and the thorns of a monastery
dirt in her finger nails, dig a little hole for a bad seed
And the minute it was buried,
she knew she'd lost a friend and a sister

She was ready to go
from the grotto and the stone of the monetary
All the life she could taste
from the gardens and the thorns of a bad seed
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