Blood and Iron

Gospel Of The Horns

Fearless age, what's to gain, no after thought
Choice is yours... don't repent
Tainted lies, tethered cloak, what's to become
I say this... the choice is yours!
We the bearers, the axis of our time

Life's voracious
Life's a curse
Life's a test of one's strength
Life's voracious
Life's a curse
Take the oath, pledge till death!

Rip the curse from the womb
Destined at birth

Resting fire, raven's throng
Path oh so clear
A path I so belong
Lightning rips, shadows move
Hail the endless sky
Our endless song

Alright motherfuckers, march or DIE!

Insidious, malicious
Draw your sword in troubled times
Honour, pride
Believe from within
An age from beyond..

[Repeat first/second verses and chorus]
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