Sour Nation

Christ Analogue

Abstain the inner crease
Of my derision, my release
In the cold the water swims
Within the enemy it bleeds
Restriction, I can feel
The scrape of palms and burning knees
To suck and swallow whole
On the cuts of life to feed

I remain the toy
It pulses in
It pulses out
The dildo of a Christ
Commit the sin the world would doubt

And lie upon the bed of nails
And fuck me on the cross
Abomination drips from pores
I dissipate the thought
I could be your prophecy
As cock is to the man
The power, pride and dignity
Like you hold it in your hands

And forget
We all will die
We can not live
In the state of our infuriation
A sole devised
A sour nation

Hear my child
With encumbrance to your mind
I’d consume your days with disbelief
Though you may worship as you please
Yet life will pass you by
Raise the arms into the sky
It is finished... It is done
And you degenerate alone
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