Angel Wolf


By the forest
A howl echoes in the moonlight
Deep lonesome eyes
Among the haze

Silent moves beneath the trees
Silent watch upon the spitis
Silent, lonely life
Fill the duty night and day

Sun, stralight
Day and night
King of minds
Your and mine

The angel wolf
The realm of sanity
peace inside and harmony
The angel wolf
The realm of sanity
Watching over you and me

Behold the beast in the eyes
Seen and feel, it´s tender inside
Angelwolf, werewolf
Eternity is just one night

Hunting in the fields
Inside the heart of the pure
Cares for the child, firt steps safe
A temple of the insecure

Soul, body
Born and gone
The realm of the wolf
Far beyound flesh and bone


Hear the whispers from the forest
Gaze the stars, feel the rain
For the pure who are gone
Live again through natures´s vein

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